8 Grab-and-Go Keto Snacks to Help You Stay on Track

The keto diet can be extremely helpful in losing weight, improving blood sugar levels, and even boosting energy levels. But it’s not always easy to stick to. That’s why it’s important to have some convenient keto snacks to grab when you get hungry. There’s nothing like a home-cooked meal, or a snack baked lovingly with your own hands. You control exactly what goes into it, and can make sure it fits your tastes and macros.

Sometimes, though, you need something quick and easy. You need a snack that you can grab out of the fridge or the pantry and eat it right away, without spending an hour in the kitchen. That’s where these easy keto snacks come in handy. All with none or minimal prep required, these snacks will keep you moving toward your goals, even when you’re too tired to whip up a chia pudding or bake fresh almond flour bread.

1. Macadamia nuts

I have always thought of nuts as a great low-carb snack. They definitely can be, but you have to be careful about which types of nuts you choose. I was munching on some cashews a few weeks ago, and since I was trying to crack down on my carbs, I decided to read the label to see how many I was consuming. It was 7 net carbs for barely enough nuts to cover my palm! Now I stick mostly to almonds and macadamia nuts at 2.5g and 1g net carbs, respectively.

2. Seaweed

If you have ever had roasted seaweed snacks before, you know how they can help satisfy the craving for something crunchy. Depending on the brand, they are usually 0-1 grams of carbs. They’re not what I would consider filling at about 30 calories each, but they help tide you over when you’re feeling peckish. My favorite kind is the Trader Joe’s teriyaki flavor.

3. Lenny & Larry’s Keto Cookie

I know there are a few keto cookie and snack bar varieties out there, but if you’re gluten or dairy free, Lenny & Larry’s keto cookie is a great option. At 3g net carbs, it’s pretty hard to beat. Previously, the lowest carb snack bar I could find was the Bulletproof Collagen bar, and no shade to Bulletproof, but I’m not entirely convinced that bar isn’t made out of sawdust. The flavor and the way it crumbles as soon as you bite into it are very off-putting to me. This keto cookie tastes great, and while you probably won’t find a gluten-free baked good that doesn’t crumble at least a little, the texture is much more enjoyable.


4. Plain unsweetened yogurts

These are one of my favorite keto snacks. This drinkable yogurt from Califia Farms is a great pick. At 1g net carbs for 100 calories, you can have a snack without worrying about going over your carb limit. I find that I have to add a little sweetener since unsweetened yogurts can be a bit sour, but it’s totally worth the effort. I like to put a bit of liquid stevia and a tablespoon of vanilla extract directly into the bottle and shake it to make this a tasty, low-carb vanilla yogurt.

5. Chicharrones, also known as pork rinds

I prefer to call them chicharrones, since it sounds fancier. At 0g of net carbs per serving, these are the perfect keto snack. When I first started eating a low-carb diet, I tried store brand pork rinds, and I wasn’t a fan. After that, I gave up on them for a while, until a friend recommended the brand 4505. At over $4 a bag at my local grocery store, they’re one of the more expensive keto snacks, but they’re so worth it for an occasional treat. I love the Chili and Salt flavor. They almost melt in your mouth, which is not something I can say for cheaper pork rinds.

6. Berries

While most fruit is unfortunately not compatible with a keto diet, several types of berries are. Blackberries are the lowest-carb, with about 4 net carbs per 100-gram serving (3.5 oz). Raspberries are the next best berry, with only 5.5g per 100-gram serving. Blueberries are also fairly low at 6.5g of net carbs per serving. If you love fruit like I do, make sure to pick up a couple pints of berries on your next grocery run.

7. Keto gummies

Sometimes you just need to snack on something chewy, and keto gummies are great for this. My favorite are the SmartSweets gummy bears. Be careful with sugar-free gummies, though. There are some pretty hilarious reviews about gastrointestinal distress from other brands (Google Haribo sugar-free gummies and thank me later). Knock on wood, SmartSweets have not given me any of those issues.

8. Sugar-free chocolate

You may have heard of Lily’s sugar-free chocolates. They have varying levels of net carbs, but all of the ones I looked at are under 10g. There are a ton of different products, from sugar-free chocolate chips, to chocolate almond bars, and they just came out with sugar-free peanut butter cups. I love using their plain chocolates in baking, and the others are great for eating on their own. Many of their products are gluten-free and dairy-free as well. I also recently discovered that Lakanto makes chocolate bars, so I’m excited to try them out next!

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