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Daily Harvest Review – GF, DF, Vegan Meal Delivery

Daily Harvest! You may have seen the ads of yummy smoothies on your Pinterest feed. That’s not all Daily Harvest offers, though. They have a ton of other drink, meal and snack options. If you’ve seen my Hungryroot review, you’ll know that I’m obsessed with healthy meal delivery services, especially if they are gluten-free and […]


8 Dairy-Free Milks to Drink, Cook, or Bake With

Milk. It’s everywhere. It’s in sauces, puddings, curries, cakes, and a ton of other delicious foods. So if you’re like me, and dairy gives you cramps, bloating, and digestive upset, it can feel like you have to give up most of your favorite foods. Thankfully, over the last 5-10 years, alternative milks have become extremely […]

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Dairy-free Keto Trader Joe’s Haul

If you live near a Trader Joe’s, you know how magical it is. Sure, the selection is limited, but the food is high quality, the prices are great, and the employees always seem friendly and helpful. Plus, if you like to imbibe, Trader Joe’s wine selection is actually pretty good, especially for such a small […]


Unbiased, Unsponsored Hungryroot Review

I’m a sucker for a good food subscription service. If they offer gluten-free, dairy-free options? Shut up and take my money. So when Hungryroot ads started popping up on my feed, you know I had to check it out. What is Hungryroot? Hungryroot is a meal delivery service that boasts healthy, simple recipes. If you […]